Extension and Outreach About

The college establishes a link with the school and community through the following ways:

  • •   Donation of Computer and Teaching aids to schools.
  • •   Donating book and setting library in Government Schools.
  • •   Conducting community survey in Village.
  • •   Organizing awareness programmes jointly with Government and Non-Government agencies.
  • •   Conducting exhibitions
  • •   Providing campus for Government Programmes
  • •   Organising Medical Checkup and camp.
  • •   Permitting Government schools to conduct sports and Cultural events in the campus.
  • •   Sponsoring sports persons and Students belong to economically weaker section.
  • •   Organising Capacity Building Programmes for School Teacher.
  • •   Organising Scientific awareness programme to school students.
  • •   Permitting School Students to utlize Science pedagogy park in the Campus for experiential
  • •   Permitting the Campus for organizing camps and other training programmes for school education
  • •   Organising Community service programmes joining with Non-Government Organisations.
  • •   Organizing awareness programmes to parents.
  • •   Permitting public to practice Yoga.
  • •   Permitting public to do spiritual development programmes.
  • •   Permitting public to conduct art, literary and cultural programmes.
  • •   Blood donation.
  • •   Repairing roads for the public in the local area.
  • •   Adult Education Classes.
  • •   Financial support to people affected with natural disasters.
  • •   Value based talks for NSS volunteers.
  • •   Orientation to the teachers of recognized neighbouring schools.
  • •   Advice and Guidance to the student teachers of DIET.
  • •   Giving value based talks on different topics in public meetings arranged by local libraries, sports
         clubs, Community Centers, etc.
  • •   Free ambulance service and distribution of relief materials during Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • •   Diwali Celebration camp with the families of Tribal settlements in Kanniyakumari District.
  • •  Cleaning Campaign in service village and Government agencies under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Interaction with the school/community

During practice teaching, student teachers actively participate in various programmes organized by the school. Students prepare and donate teaching aids and other materials needed for the school. In schools where they do teaching practice, the student teachers maintain a good academic relationship with the teachers of the school. They also show interest in meeting the parents and discuss with them about their children's problems. In addition, the student teachers visit special schools such as schools for visually challenged, mentally challenged and hearing impaired.