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Welcome to N.V.K.S.D College of Education


With all the blessings of Lord Dharma Sastha, the trustees of the Nalloor Vettuvenni Kandan Sastha Devaswom established a pioneer educational venture in the year 1963.It is a Trust that administers a famous private temple, named Nalloor Vettuvenni Kandan Sastha Temple. The Temple is situated at vettuvenni near the banks of the river, Thamirabarani. The College is situated at Attoor.

Our Vission

⊚ Gnana (Knowledge)

⊚ Dharma (Righteousness)

⊚ Sneha (Love)

Our Mission

  • ⊚ Develop a teacher education institution capable of maintaining global standards.
  • ⊚ Develop a group of new generation teachers with right attitudes, ideals and values and are competent to practice education within the framework of Indian culture.
  • ⊚ Develop a new cadre of teaching professionals who can recreate the vision of Indian education and can contribute to social order based on equity and ahimsa.

News & Events with Photos

28-02-2023- National Science Day

27-02-2023- Book Review

27-02-2023- World NGO Day

25-02-2023- Eat Right Day

21-02-2023- Internal Seminar

21-02-2023- Mother Language day

20-02-2023- World Day of Social Justice

14-02-2023- Pulwama Attack Day

13-02-2023- Folk fest

13-02-2023- World Radio Day

13-02-2022 - Birth Anniversary of Sarojini Naidu

11-02-2023 - Tobacco Awareness Programme

11-02-2023- Campus Interview

7-02-23- Safer Internet Day

1-02-2023- Campus Interview

31-01-2023- Orientation on Value Added Courses

26-01-2023- Republic Day

25-01-2023- National Voters Day

24-01-2023- National Girl Child Day

18-01-2023- Research advisory Committee Meeting

13-01-2023- Pongal Celebration

12-01-2023- National Youth Day

11-01-2023- Campus Interview

10-01-2023- Eye camp

10-01-2023- Campus Interview

23-12-2022- Christmas Celebration

23-12-2022 - Student Union Election

2-12-2022- Orientation on Online Courses

22-11-2022- Career Orientation Programme

21-11-2022 to 25 -11-2022 - N-list and KOHA Orientation

19-11-2022- Research Colloquium

14-11-2022 to 20-11-2022- National Library week Celebration

16-11-2022- Workshop on Working Models in Physical Science

14-11-2022- Special School Visit

11-11-2022- Faculty Developmenr Programme

7-11-2022- Awareness Programme on Cancer

31-10-2022- National Unity day Pledge

21-10-2022 to 27-10-2011- Induction Programme

27-10-2022- Library Orientation

20-10-2022- B.Ed Inauguration 2022-2024

30-09-2022- MOU between Sahithya Sowhridha Vedhi

28-09-2022- NCSC Project preparation certificate distribution

24-09-2022- Life time achievement award presentation ceremony

16-09-2022- Research Colloquium

15-09-2022- Planting Saplings in Campus Orchard

05-09-2022- Teachers Day Celebration

20-08-2022- Seminar Participation by Our Students

19-08-2022- Setting of Terrace Vegetable Garden

19-08-2022- Lotion Preparation

19-08-2022- Alumni Interaction

18-08-2022- Short Filim Show

15-08-2022- Science Park Inaguration

14-08-2022- Peer Observation

13-08-2022- Independance day Programme

13-08-2022-Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav

10-08-2022- Lotion Preparation

08-08-2022- Magical Drawing demo

06-08-2022- Academic Council Meeting

03-08-2022-Awareness and Demonstration on Kaavalan App

01-08-2022- Workshop on Preparation on Teaching Aids

13-04-2022- Board of Studies Meeting

30-06-2022 Book Donation to Govt School

27-06-2022 Releasing of Research Newsletter

24-06-2022 College day

21-06-2022 International Yoga Day

18-06-2022 Sports Day

17-06-2022 Seminar on Integration of 21 st Century Skills with Emotional Well-being for holistic development

11-06-2022 Inauguration of Literary and Cultural club

06-06-2022 Seminar and inauguration of planting saplings in campus orchard

02-06-2022 Tamilnadu Science Forum- Thiruvattar Education District level Illam Thedi Kalvi training programme and Tulir Knowledge Fest

25-05-2022 Spinach harvesting from our campus garden

23-05-2022 Yoga Programme

15-05-2022 Young Scientist Award Presentation Ceremony

27-04-2022 Research Advisory Committee Meeting

22-04-2022 Inauguration of Social Entrepreneurship Swachhta and Rural Engagement Cell

21-04-2022 Seminar on Impact of Drug in Youth

20-04-2022 Seminar on Role of Teacher in Disaster Management

20-04-2022 Kanyakumari District- Disaster First Responders Training Programme

09-04-2022 Campus Interview

07-04-2022 to 08-04-2022- Workshop on Dramatics

01-04-2022 Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022

26-03-2022 Webinar on Capacity Building and Personality Development of Women

04-03-2022 Workshop on Campus Sustainability Index and Best Practices

03-03-2022 to 06-03-2022 Citizenship Training Camp

28-02-2022 National Science Day Celebration

17-02-2022 Voters Awareness Human Chain

15-02-2022 Pre Ph.D Presentation

14-02-2022 Community Work at Mathoor

12-02-2022 FDP on NAAC Guidelines on Teacher Education Manual

10-02-2022 Election class

09-02-2022 Bonded Labour Abolition Day Pledge



Our Sister Institutions

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